On 23 July 2013 the President signed Federal Law No. 222-FZ “On amending Part IV of the Russian Civil Code.”

The amendments specify the rights of the Russian Government with regard to the regulation of payment of royalties for the creation and use of copyrighted materials. According to the amendments, the Government has now the right to establish, in addition to the minimum royalties rates, (i) the procedure and the terms for the payment of royalty for the creation of an employee’s inventions, utility models and industrial designs (before the amendments – Clause 4 of Article 1370 of the Civil Code) and (ii) the procedure for the collection, distribution and payment of royalties for certain types of use of copyrighted and neighboring rights’ materials (before the amendments – Clause 4 of Article 1286 of the Civil Code).

The Law entered into force on 3 August 2013.