By the Legislative Decree No.143 dated October 23, 2015, the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador amended the first paragraph of Article 309 of the Labor Code, in the sense of increasing four weeks of license for maternity leave to the twelve weeks established prior to the amendment, besides it indicates that the first ten weeks after giving birth must be taken mandatorily in order to benefit the permanent care of the mother to the newborn, strengthen the emotional bond between mother and child, and facilitate breastfeeding.

The text of the amended article is as follows:

"Art.309 - The employer is obliged to provide pregnant employees in respect of maternity leave, sixteen weeks of license, ten of which must be taken mandatorily after giving birth; also, to pay in advance the equivalent of seventy five percent of the basic wage during such license."

The decree was published in the Official Journal No.196, Volume No.409 dated October 26, 2015, and will become effective 120 days after its publication.