My updated Community Infrastructure Levy Guide Update (7th Ed.) is now available at either or

It contains the CIL regime for England as from 1st September 2019.

It covers

  1. all the amendments to the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010 including those in the 2019 (No. 2) Regulations taking effect on 1st September 2019;
  2. the court decisions relating to CIL starting with Hourhope and including Orbital v Swindon Council, Giordano v Camden Council, Hillingdon Council v McCarthy & Stone and Shropshire County Council v Jones;
  3. all statutory appeal decisions to VOA and Planning Inspectorate;
  4. published government material;
  5. the experience gained over the four years since the last update;
  6. a new chapter on professional negligence and CIL.

Wales - links to the 6th Edition of the Guide have been retained on those above webpages as the amendments in the 2019 (No. 2) Regulations apply only to England and not Wales. The CIL regime discussed in the 6th Edition will continue to apply to the three areas in Wales which have introduced CIL.

Lists of Charging Authorities and CIL rates – this list has also been updated to 1st September 2019. It now comprises 165 authorities and bodies and is available on the above webpages.