Romance moves markets in a multitude of sectors – but there are few regions in the world where it is having as much impact as in Asia. Here we round up some salient statistics.

China’s online dating market

24 million The number of men of marriageable age in China by 2020, thanks to the One-Child policy.

(Source: Chinese Academy of Sciences)

¥ 2 billion (US$315 million) Predicted revenues from China’s online dating market in 2014: double its value last year.

6 3 million The number of users claimed by the country’s leading site, Nasdaq-listed (Source: Analysys [sic] International)

180 million The number of bachelors in China’s 1.3 billion population.

(Source: All China Women’s Federation 2010)

Thai honeymoons

20% The predicted increase in honeymooners from Spain in 2012, despite the country’s financial crisis, in total some 116,000 arrivals. Thailand, which is keen to shift the emphasis from its sex industr y, claims to be winning honeymooning market share from the Caribbean.

3 x more What honeymooners spend per head, per day, more than the general tourist’s 3,773 baht.

(Source: The Tourism Authority of Thailand)

A girl’s best friend…

40% The percentage of Chinese brides who receive a diamond ring, up from virtually zero a few years back. China has now overtaken Japan to become the biggest diamond buyer behind the US.

40% The predicted share of diamond consumption by China, India and the Middle East by 2015. Up from 8% in 2005.

(Source: De Beers)

Golden Indian weddings

10 million The estimated number of Indian weddings per year. Around half of the gold that Indians buy is spent on wedding jewellery.

30-40 grams The amount of gold involved in the average wedding (running to several kilos in richer households).

5% The rise in Indian gold consumption from September 2010 to September 2011.

(source: The World Gold Council)

The real price of rhino horns

US$65,000/kilogram The 2012 street value of rhino horn in parts of Thailand and Vietnam.

443 The number of rhinos killed by poachers in South Africa in 2011, a 33% increase on 2010 and up from a total of 13 poached in 2007. Blamed on the fallacious view that rhino horn is an aphrodisiac.

(Source: National Geographic News Watch)

Indian impact…

15% The percentage of India’s grains and vegetables wasted through “extravagant and luxurious social functions”, according to India’s food minister in February 2011.

(Source: The Economist)

US$26 billion The amount spent on Indian weddings annually and growing at 20-25% a year.

1 acre The size of the Wedding Souk in Pitampura Delhi, a giant mall featuring over 100 shops dedicated to weddings.

(Source: The Hindustan Times)

Valentine’ s spending

$280 The average jewellery order from men in Asian countries including China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore in the run-up to February 14 2012.

$170 The average order from men in the UK.

$95 The average order from men in Germany.

(Source: jewellery website