1. What electricity storage projects have been commissioned in your jurisdiction to date?

Whilst there are a number of operational pumped hydro plants in Slovakia, we are not aware of any of electricity storage project commissioned in Slovakia yet. However there is a recently (beginning of October 2015) open project “Underground Sun Storage” as detailed below.

2. What electricity storage projects are anticipated in your jurisdiction in coming years?

Underground Sun Storage shall explore the possibilities of storing electric power from renewable energy sources (RES) in the form of a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas. One of the project´s partners is company NAFTA which, among other things, deals with storage of natural gas. If Underground Sun Storage is successful, it will be possible to store photovoltaic and wind energy in existing underground storage areas whose safety and reliability have already been proven. NAFTA is collaborating on this project with the Austrian company RAG.

3. Is there any specific legislation/regulation or programme that relates to energy storage in your jurisdiction?

Electricity storage is not defined in the Slovak legislative framework separately. The only legislatively defined energy storage is gas storage and liquefied gas storage.

There is, however, certain funding available for research and development purposes.

4. Please give examples of challenges facing energy storage projects in your jurisdiction and how current projects have overcome these challenges.

As with other jurisdictions there are a number of obstacles for the sector to overcome in the future. These relate to the technology, the regulatory regime and sector participants. 

5. What are the main entities in the electricity sector and what are their roles or expected roles in relation to energy storage

The relevant regulator for energy and utilities industries is a national regulator URSO/RONI (The Regulatory Office for network industries). For electricity storage, though as noted above there is no specific storage regulatory regime.

Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a. s. is the transmission system operator in Slovakia, which procures various ancillary services; however no data on electricity storage is available.

Jana Togelova,Michal Huťan