Following an extensive investigation of the market during a Phase II merger enquiry, the European Commission (Commission) unconditionally approved the proposed acquisition by TomTom of Tele Atlas on 14 May 2008. TomTom manufactures portable navigation devices. Last year it beat rival company, Garmin, in a bid to acquire Tele Atlas which is one of two global providers of navigable digital maps offering coverage of Europe and the US. Following a phase I investigation in November 2007, the Commission raised concerns that the vertical integration of Tele Atlas into TomTom could strengthen the duopoly in the digital mapping market. However, ultimately the Commission concluded that TomTom was unlikely to pursue a strategy of restricting access of digital mapping data to customers because it would be constrained by competition from Navteq. Interestingly, Navteq is itself currently being acquired by Nokia. This deal is also under investigation by the Commission and a decision is due before 8 August 2008.