The first certifications to the Cloud Service Provider Code of Practice established by the Cloud Industry Forum, designed to promote trust, security and transparency within the sector, have been announced.

Four industry members of the Cloud Industry Forum and one non-member are the first to gain certification. ChannelCloud UK/Ireland, Rise, Unit4 and Webroot, all members of CIF, as well as Nexus AB are the first to formally be recognised as Certified against the Cloud Service Provider Code of Practice.

The Code of Practice enables participating vendors to promote online confidence and trust in their brand to the end user community by ensuring that they offer end users appropriate transparency about their business and services, commitment to operational capabilities and practices, and executive accountability for the declarations made to achieve Certification. By achieving Certification the Cloud Service Provider enables the end user to have confidence that they can access relevant and meaningful information in a structured way that has been accepted by the Cloud Industry Forum to enable rational assessment.

Frank Jennings, Chairman of the CIF Governance Board and Head of Commercial at DMH Stallard said: "Certification to the Code of Practice will help cloud service providers differentiate themselves in the market by demonstrating that they have assessed their resources and capability to deliver a secure and robust cloud solution. Certification will also increase confidence for a business to have a better chance of maximising benefit and reducing risk in their selection of cloud applications."

To find out more, please visit the Cloud Industry Forum Website.