The Senate continued a discussion of immigration reform Monday, as part of a three-part series of meetings that began on January 10 and will conclude on February 7. At the meeting, Florida Department of Law Enforcement General Counsel Michael Ramage noted that a statute prohibiting the hiring of illegal immigrants has never been enforced during the 11 years the law has been in effect. The Florida Chamber of Commerce and the Federation for American Immigration Reform sparred over the fiscal impact of illegal immigration, with the federation arguing that illegal immigration costs taxpayers in Florida $5.2 billion, while the chamber argued that illegal immigrants produce more tax dollars than they use. Sen. Mike Bennett has filed SB 304, which, among other provisions, requires the Department of Corrections to identify inmates who are eligible for deportation. In the House, Judiciary Chairman William Snyder has filed HB 237, which has been labeled as "Arizona-style" immigration reform. Rep. Snyder has indicated that he will continue to refine his proposal while preserving authority for law enforcement to address illegal immigration.