The e-­‐commerce website misled users about the immediate availability of products which were never delivered.

The Italian Competition Authority (hereinafter, “AGCM”) imposed a fine of 400,000.00 Euro to an operator-­‐ as a result of various claims filed by Altroconsumo, for unfair commercial practices conducted behind the "shield" of the web.

Hi-­‐tech products sold by the company as “immediately available”, in fact, were never delivered after the purchase.

This is only the last of seven procedures initiated (and concluded) in 2015 against different e-­‐commerce companies, which led to impose fines for an overall amount of € 970,000.00.

Four other cases are still pending, in connection with a broader monitoring activity launched by AGCM with the aim of ensuring fair practices in the e-­‐commerce sector and strengthening the safeguards ensured to consumers.