Energy Transition Law Passed

Mexico’s long awaited Energy Transition Law has been published in the Official Gazette. The main purpose of the Law is to regulate the sustainable use of energy, as well as to establish obligations for utilizing clean energies and reducing pollutants released by Mexico’s power industry. The Law abrogates the Law for the Use of Renewable Energies and Energy Transition Financing as well as the Law for the Sustainable Use of Energy, which since 2008 were the main regulatory instruments governing renewable energy sources and sustainable energy in Mexico.

Digital Television Transition Program in Final Stages.

  • The Secretariat of the Interior has published the third quarterly report covering actions taken during July - September 2015 to implement the “National Program for the Integral Management of Discarded Televisions Due to the Transition to Digital Terrestrial Televisions."  The first quarterly report covering actions taken during January – March 2015 is available here and the second quarterly report covering actions taken during April – June 2015 is available here.
  • point of agreement has been proposed in the Chamber of Deputies urging the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) and the Secretariat of Environment (SEMARNAT) to coordinate with state authorities and the Federal District to implement a strategy to strengthen the collection system for discarded analog TVs.

PROFECO Applies More than $7 Billion in Penalties in 2015

The Federal Consumer Protection Agency (PROFECO) carried out 49,794 inspection visits in 2015, resulting in 2,273 business suspensions and more than $130 billion pesos (currently $7 billion) in penalties to suppliers and service providers in Mexico that failed to comply with the Consumer Protection Law.