Florida: Governor Continues Activity on Uncompensated Care Funding

Governor Rick Scott (R) appointed nine members to his Commission on Healthcare and Hospital Funding and sent a letter to HHS asking whether it would consider supplying a block grant to provide coverage to uninsured Floridians or allow a segment of this population to receive coverage through the State’s Federally-facilitated Marketplace. He also sent a to letter to hospital and insurance administrators requesting information about their payer-mix, financial standing, and executive salary levels, according to the Herald Tribune. Earlier in the week, Governor Scott met with a group of members of Congress to urge them to publicly support his efforts to renew funding for Florida’s Low-Income Pool, resulting in the House Energy and Commerce Committee agreeing to hold a hearing on the issue this summer, reports the SunSentinel.

Hawaii: Judy Mohr Peterson Named Medicaid Administrator

The Hawaii Department of Human Services announced that Judy Mohr Peterson has been selected as the new Administrator of the Med-QUEST Division (MQD). Since 2009, Dr. Peterson has served as Oregon's State Medicaid Director, where she presided over the creation of State’s delivery system transformation and development of coordinated care organizations.