The Joint Committee on Human Rights has taken the novel step of appointing a rapporteur, and, importantly, has appointed one on mental health and human rights. Amanda Sollaway MP has been appointed with a remit of exploring, through informal meetings, contacts and visits, issues of concern in relation to mental health when approached through a human rights framework. Amanda will report back on each issue to the full Committee, which may then choose to seek written or oral evidence, and possibly produce a report on that subject. She will be starting her new role by looking, through a human rights lens, at preventable deaths of people suffering mental health problems, including those in detention, in the light of recent reports such as the Harris Review of self-inflicted deaths in custody and the Report of the Equality and Human Rights Commission on preventing deaths in detention of adults with mental health conditions.

The Rapporteur invites suggestions for other topics of investigation in this field to take forward in the future. All suggestions should be sent to