A Bengali potato-chip maker’s application to register a design mark has drawn opposition from Frito-Lay, which argues the mark is too similar to the one it has used since 1995. Frito-Lay N. Am. v. Putul Distribs., No. 91235606 (T.T.A.B., notice of opposition filed July 17, 2017). The notice asserts that Putul’s proposed design mark for its fish, pickles and potato chips—a green and red circle bisected by a wide red and black ribbon—is likely to be confused with Frito-Lay’s, which is a “round sun or globe bisected by a banner or ribbon.” In addition to the alleged potential confusion between the marks on potato-chip products, Frito-Lay also asserts that fish and pickles are “food products that may be complementary or consumed with Frito-Lay’s goods.” Claiming priority, likelihood of confusion and dilution by blurring, Frito-Lay seeks a denial of Putul's registration application.