From Wednesday 26 March 2014 WorldBridge will no longer be providing visa services for applicants applying for a UK visa from the US.

The visa processing service, which until how has been provided by WorldBridge, will be provided by VFS Global from 26 March 2014. The service will operate in a similar way, including the ability to purchase a visa priority service. The WorldBridge priority service had provided an application processing time of approximately 3 days and cost $150 per visa application. The advertised processing times for the new priority service under VFS is currently unknown, however the fee will increase to $170 per visa application.

We expect delays in processing times in the US during the transfer of services from WorldBridge to VFS Global. Following the migration period the service is expected to operate in a similar way to current services provided, causing minimal disruption to applicants and businesses.

Changes to Tier 2 Applications from 6 April 2014

On 13 March 2014 a Statement of Changes to the Immigration Rules was laid before Parliament that outlined changes to the current Immigration rules. These rules will take effect from 6 April 2014. Changes will include:

  • Tier 2 (ICT) and Tier 2 General applicants will be able to apply for 5 years leave (increased from the current 3 years). This will be available at a higher fee (see table below);
  • RLMT exemption threshold (High Earners) is being increased to £153,500 (from £152,000);
  • Fee changes for applications (for Tier 2 fees, see below);
  • Changes to the minimum salary thresholds for SOC codes.

Application Fees – Tier 2

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Changes to minimum salary rate

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Other changes

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