A restricted Certificate of Sponsorship (RCoS) is required where a sponsor wishes to sponsor:

  • a new hire on a salary package of less than £153,500; or
  • a Tier 4 dependant who wants to switch into Tier 2 in-county.

The Home Office sets aside 1,725 RCoSs each month for these applications. The unused RCoSs at the end of the month are rolled into the next month’s allocation.

Until recently, the standard monthly limit of 1,725 was not being fully used and, therefore, everyone who met the criteria was being given an unrestricted Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS). However, in recent months, the demand for these CoSs has sometimes exceeded the monthly limit.

At the moment, the rollover carried forward from previous months has meant that there have been enough unallocated RCoSs in the pool to allow all those who meet the criteria to be allocated one. However, if demand continues to increase, this may not always be the case.

For the benefit of all, it is important that, where a sponsor no longer requires an RCoS which has been allocated to it, the RCoS is “returned” so that it can go back into the pool in order to be allocated to another sponsor.

As a reminder, if the demand does exceed the number of RCoSs available in any one month, UKVI will look at the number of points which an individual migrant obtains. The RCoS allocation will then be based on the highest points scored.