Environment Canada recently released a draft guidance document, titled “Canada’s Offset System: Guide for Protocol Developers,” which describes how offset projects will be required to quantify their GHG reductions. Under the federal government’s proposed offset system, activities that are proven to have reduced GHG emissions and are not required to reduce GHG emissions under the proposed federal GHG emission reduction regime (an offset project) will earn credits that can be used for compliance by the project proponent or by a person who obtains such credits for the proposed federal regime. A quantification protocol will be required for each eligible type of offset project. Environment Canada is accepting comments on the protocol until October 8, 2008.

For further information, please see

www.ec.gc.ca/creditscompensatoires-offsets/7CAD67C6-B798-4B69-9648- BD7F1F74B2CB/DRAFT%20Guide_for_Protocol_Developers.pdf.