As foreshadowed in the Better Local Government reform programme announced earlier this year, Local Government Minister David Carter has appointed an independent expert advisory group to report on ways of reducing the cost of quality local government infrastructure.  The group will report back to the Government in February 2013.  Its report will feed into a second piece of local government reform legislation planned for next year.

The members of the group are:

  • Fran Wilde (Chairperson) - Greater Wellington Regional Council Chair;
  • Stephen Selwood - Chief Executive of New Zealand Council for Infrastructure Development;
  • Jeremy Sole - Chief Executive of New Zealand Contractors Federation;
  • Josephine Grierson - businesswoman and infrastructure economics expert;
  • Liz Anderson - Infrastructure and Policy Consultant;
  • Debbie Packer - former Deputy Mayor of South Taranaki;
  • Philip Cory-Wright - Director, infrastructure company advisor and investment banker; and
  • Alan Bickers - former local government chief executive and engineer.