Start-up founders, investors and employees are able to apply for a fast track Tech Visa which enables qualifying talent to obtain a ‘Passeport Talent’ residence permit in France. This residence permit allows the individual and their immediate family to reside in France for up to four years without the need for an additional work permit document. 

The criteria for the Tech Visa are:


The start-up founder will qualify for the Tech Visa if:

  • They have financial resources at least equal to the French minimum wage of €17,763.20 as of 1 January 2017;
  • They plan to develop the start-up project in France; and
  • The project has been approved by a French Public organisation (Direccte).


For an applicant to qualify as a business investor, the applicant must be recruited by a venture capital firm in France, or:

  • Invest at least €300,000 in either fixed or tangible assets; 
  • Be investing either directly or through a company where they have at least a 30% shareholding; 
  • Own at least 10% of the company which they are investing in; and 
  • Create or protect jobs within the four years after their investment.


The employee must:

  • Have graduated with a master’s degree or higher;
  • Have a work contract for a minimum of three months with a French company which is eligible to recruit via the Tech Visa; and 
  • Have a annual salary of at least  €35,526.40