On February 24, 2009, Rep. Michael F. Doyle (D-Pa.) introduced legislation (H.R. 1147) to implement recommendations contained in the FCC's February 2004 report to Congress regarding the low-power FM (LPFM) service. The proposed legislation -- entitled the "Local Community Radio Act of 2009" -- would require the FCC to eliminate third-adjacent minimum distance separation requirements between LPFM stations on the one hand, and full-service FM stations, FM translator stations and FM translator stations operating on third-adjacent frequencies on the other. The legislation also would require the FCC to retain rules that protect full-power noncommercial educational FM stations that broadcast radio reading services via a subcarrier frequency from potential interference from LPFM facilities operating on third-adjacent channels. Finally, the bill would require the FCC, when licensing FM translator stations, to ensure that licenses are available to both FM translator stations and LPFM stations, and to make such decisions based on the needs of the local community. On March 12, 2009, a bill was introduced in the Senate (S. 592) that is substantially similar to the House bill.

A copy of the House bill is available here.

A copy of the Senate bill is available here.