Legislators worked long hours this week in an effort to finish up their work. They're expected to wrap up most of their bills of statewide significance Friday, taking up local bills and constitutional amendments next week while waiting for any vetoes to come down from the Governor.

Budget Veto (S99 (link is external)) The House overrode Governor Cooper’s veto of the FY 2019 budget bill on Tuesday. The bill is now law.

Build NC Bonds (H1010 (link is external) and S758 (link is external)) S758 has passed both chambers and will now be presented to the Governor for his expected approval. The new bonds, which are similar to federal GARVEE bonds, will be serviced based on future tax revenues. The money will be focused on regional and local projects and the bill allows the State to borrow up to $3 billion over 10 years.

Farm Act (S711 (link is external)) Most notably, the House Finance Committee amended the bill to provide that the provision that prohibits plant-based products (such as almond milk) from being labeled as milk will only be effective after certain other states enact similar provisions. Representative Riddell (R-Alamance) further amended the milk provision to allow for the sale of raw milk for personal use through purchasing a share of a lactating animal. The provision that generated the most debate would amend the law related to when a farm is considered a nuisance. The bill is now headed for the Governor's desk.

Opioids (S616 (link is external)) The HOPE Act creates new criminal penalties for medical workers who embezzle or divert pain medicines designated for a patient for their personal use or sale. The bill also grants certain police investigators easier access to prescription records, and provides more funding for opioid abuse treatment.