Claimant, aged 59, complained of pain in right leg and back. MRI scan revealed he suffered large disc prolapse at L1/L2. Laminectomy and discectomy carried out at L2/L3 level. Symptoms persisted and Claimant’s neurological condition deteriorated. Further MRI scan revealed prolapses at L2/L3 and also L1/L2 (further weakened by the surgery). His condition did not improve with further surgery. Claimant alleged that the laminectomy and discectomy had not been performed at the correct level and Claimant was rendered tetraplegic as a result.

Liability admitted. Claimant was unable to walk and continue with his occupation as a professional racing driver. Out of court settlement: £1,550,000 (estimated General Damages £90,000).

[2007] LTLPI 26.03.08