On 11 June 2014, the Privacy and Data Protection Bill 2014 (Vic) (“Bill”) was introduced into the Victorian Parliament.

The Bill proposes to strengthen the protection of personal information held by the Victorian public sector.  The Bill addresses data security issues identified by the Victorian Auditor-General in the 2009 report, Maintaining the Integrity and Confidentiality of Personal Information, and, in particular, establishes an information privacy and protective data security framework for monitoring and securing data held by the public sector.

The amendments would see the roles of the Victorian Privacy Commissioner and Commissioner for Law Enforcement Data Security undertaken by a single Victorian Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection, who would be responsible for the entire privacy and data protection regime within Victoria.

Further, the Bill proposes to provide:

  • clarity on the provisions of the Information Privacy Act 2000 (Vic);
  • flexibility in relation to the handling of personal information held by the public sector where appropriate in the public interest; and
  • additional safeguards regarding the way security data is accessed and maintained.

The Bill is currently before the Legislative Assembly.

To view the Bill, click here.