Welcome to our monthly Transport Update, bringing you links to the major developments relevant to the transport industry.

Air Quality

Government funding boost for low carbon fuels development

Seven industry-led projects will receive a share of £2 million to develop proposals for advanced fuels production plants, as part of the government’s drive to reduce carbon emissions. Proposals include the production of aircraft jet fuel from steel mill waste gases, and a project exploring the use of waste wood.

Freight Policy - Gov.uk 18 Jun 2018

Regulations brought in to crack down on emissions cheats

Carmakers will face heavy fines if they supply vehicles designed to cheat emissions tests to the UK, the government has announced. Under tough new regulations, manufacturers could be forced to pay up to £50,000 for each new vehicle found to be fitted with a so-called ‘defeat device’.

Gov UK - Department for Communities and Local Government Announcements 7 Jun 2018


A new north west runway for Heathrow

On 5 June 2018, the UK Transport Secretary Chris Grayling laid before Parliament a final proposal for an Airports National Policy Statement the main thrust of which was to provide policy support for a new north-west runway at Heathrow Airport. Read our insight piece looking at issues surrounding domestic airports, freight, rail links, private finance and the likely next steps.


New transport legislation set to empower local authorities

The Transport (Scotland) Bill has been published which aims to make Scotland’s transportation network cleaner, smarter. It looks to empower local authorities and establish consistent standards in order to tackle current and future challenges, while delivering a more responsive and sustainable transport system for all.

Scottish Government - News 11 Jun 2018


Open consultation: Transport appraisal and modelling strategy: informing future investment decisions

The Department for Transport’s (DfT’s) appraisal framework aims to provide as full a view as possible about the wide range of impacts transport has on the economy, environment and society. DfT guidance looks at how to conduct transport appraisals, WebTAG and draws on best practice in government, academia, and industry. 

Gov.UK Department for Transport 19 Jun 2018

Rail Franchises

Consultation outcome: Future of East Midlands rail franchise

The Department for Transport has published a stakeholder briefing document for the East Midlands franchise competition summarising the responses to the consultation it carried out between July and October 2017 providing the government’s response to it.

Gov.uk Public Consultations 7 Jun 2018

Cross Country rail franchise

The current Cross Country franchise is due to end in December 2019 and The Department for Transport are running a competition to select the next operator for the franchise. The consultation seeks views on various aspects of the Cross Country passenger rail service and will inform what the Department for Transport asks from potential operators when reletting the franchise in 2019.

Gov.UK Department for Transport 7 Jun 2018

Rail Network

Updating Rail Markets Regulations

The Department for Transport (DfT) is undertaking an important consultation on amending the Railways (Access, Management and Licensing of Railway Undertakings) Regulations 2016 to implement part of the Market Pillar of the Fourth Railway Package into UK law (Northern Ireland will decide separately as transport law there is devolved). It is also looking to amend various pieces of EU rail markets legislation to take account of the UK's exit from the EU next year and so it is a material change to a well-thumbed piece of legislation. We look at the implementation of the Directive and the DfT's approach to Brexit.

HS2 launches plans for unprecedented ‘green corridor’ stretching alongside the railway

HS2 set out plans to deliver a ‘green corridor’ consisting of new wildlife habitats, native woodlands and community spaces to help integrate the new line into its surrounding landscape and environment.

Gov.uk - All Press Releases 25 Jun 2018

Tender for new £5bn railway track alliances launched

Network Rail is inviting suppliers to bid for the next generation of track work contracts, the largest of its kind being undertaken for the upcoming funding period.

Network Rail Media Centre - News Releases 19 Jun 2018

Network Rail streamlines procurement process to encourage SMEs

Network Rail has launched its new technology Supplier Qualification System (SQS), designed to improve market engagement, provide greater visibility of business opportunities and reduce the time it takes to award contracts.

Network Rail Media Centre - News Releases 14 Jun 2018

Guidance: Southern Rail Link to Heathrow market sounding briefing

This briefing document provides the context for the Southern Rail Link to Heathrow (SRLtH) and the market sounding process that was launched on 24 May 2018. SRLtH is a proposed new rail link from the south connecting into Heathrow Airport. The Department for Transport (DfT) is seeking ideas and views.

Gov.UK Department for Transport 13 Jun 2018

ORR launches Independent Inquiry into May timetable disruption

The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) has formally launched its Independent Inquiry into the recent and widespread timetable disruption suffered on the railway and published its Terms of Reference.

Office of Rail and Road - News 13 Jun 2018

The High Speed Rail (London – West Midlands) (Greatmoor Railway Sidings Etc.) Order 2018

This Order authorises High Speed Two (HS2) Limited to construct railway sidings and associated works adjacent to the Aylesbury Link Railway (also known as the Marylebone to Claydon Junction Line) for the loading and offloading of spoil and waste material to the Calvert Landfill and the Greatmoor Energy from Waste. The Order comes into force on 28th June 2018.

Legislation Gov UK 13 Jun 2018

Open consultation: Network Rail periodic review 2018: draft determination

A consultation seeking views on the draft determination for the 2018 periodic review of Network Rail's outputs for control period 6.

Gov.uk Public Consultations 12 Jun 2018

ORR sets out its views on Network Rail’s plans for Scotland

The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) has published its assessment of Network Rail’s plans to spend £4bn in Scotland over the next five years (known as Control Period 6 or CP6). 

Office of Rail and Road - News 12 Jun 2018

£5 billion investment to transform rail services across Wales

Following a rigorous procurement process under the Utilities Contracts Regulations 2016, First Minister Carwyn Jones has announced the Welsh Government has contracted KeolisAmey to operate and develop the Wales and Borders rail service and South Wales Metro working in partnership with Transport for Wales.

Welsh Government: News 4 Jun 2018