Migrants in the UK with leave as a student or under tier 4 who will be graduating this year need to note the following:

  • tier 1 (post study work) – a reminder that this route, which has provided graduates with free access   to the UK labour market for two years, will be closing in April 2012. To avoid delays and last minute panics we recommend that those who are eligible start planning their applications now.
  • tier 2 - changes have been made to the tier 2 policy guidance to clarify the requirement to complete an  academic course of study before switching. Students can only switch if:
    • they have completed a course of study during their most recent period of leave in tier 4/student categories. Students do not need to have received their results yet but they must have sat their final examination (where applicable) and handed in any final pieces of work.
    • the course of study completed must have been at least one academic year in duration. The UKBA will not consider any courses shorter than eight months as being an academic year in length.