Not satisfied with getting the best economic indicators of Euro area and being the driving force of Europe, our German friends showed to billions of viewers that conquering the football planet is not harder than conquering the export market.

So, what should we envy? Most likely, their ability to reform without systematic protests and their ambition to support business development.

The responsibility pact is a huge effort for public finances, as is the significant decrease of the social solidarity contribution, but it is not enough, everything must be done to make it easier for companies and French tax authorities must contribute to such action, even if modestly.

In this respect, the French government has hightlighted since 2012 his determination to prevent tax fraud, and we as citizens can only support such project: thus, a website devoted to tax audit and prevention of tax fraud has just been launched by the French tax authorities. However, this website sets a citizen tax audit planning based on five actions aiming at improving legal certainty of companies subject to tax audit, supporting tax regularisations before or during tax audit and reforming the existing rules regarding penalties and fines so that they would be more proportionate to the committed error.

One can only be pleased with such change in the French authorities' mindset as firm words and sometimes aggression towards large companies - if flattering to the public opinion - have negative effects on the attractiveness of the territory and the will to invest in France. There is still much to be done in order to set this service relationship at the benefit of companies: in fact, when will the single-access window for foreign investors be implemented close to the head of the French tax authorities? When will a home page dedicated to French companies willing to invest abroad be implemented to provide help regarding preliminary tax matters?

When lack of money, one must focus on ideas: it will not get us the World Cup of attractiveness but will most likely help overcome the current lack of trust.