As expected, DCLG has today published its proposals to reform parts of the CIL regulations. The main element of the consultation is around how to channel the "meaningful proportion" of CIL receipts to the communities where the chargeable development is taking place. In the build up to this reform, it was the "community" or the "neighbourhood" which would see the benefit - but in reality, only parish/community councils will be recipients (to be provided for in the CIL regulations) . In areas where there is no parish or community council, the charging authority will need to engage with the relevant community and decide how best to apply the receipts (to be provided for in guidance rather than in the CIL regulations).

The consultation includes a question around what percentage of CIL should be diverted locally in this way, and suggests a "per household" cap to avoid distortions on account of population.

It is hoped that this initiative will help change attitudes towards development.

The proposals go on to seek views on bringing affordable housing back into the range of types of infrastructure which may be funded via CIL  - but possibly being exempt from the " no more than 5 obligations" pooling restriction under the regulations.

There are also proposed changes for London around Mayoral Development Corporations and we'll pick those up in Future Perfect?