In our conundrum yesterday, we listed matters which were not in the Localism Bill - including the anticipated presumption in favour of sustainable development.

Today, Greg Clark has announced the expected overhaul of national planning policy and, we are told, this will "establish a presumption in favour of sustainable development". So there you have it. But that is not all there is to the announcement - what is planned does sound as if the word "overhaul" might even be an understatement. Planning is to be very much a local issue with the Government setting national priorities in a single policy document. All national policies currently in PPS/PPG/MPS/MPG (to the extent they survive in the new world) will be merged into a single document. Guidance beyond the national policy framework will also be radically slimmed down.

We are all invited to send in our suggestions for those priorities and policies which should be part of the new framework - this consultation exercise closing at the end of February 2011.

Interesting times ahead in 2011 then for us with the passage of the Localism Bill and the emerging national policy framework.