Rouse's Arty Rajendra has contributed to the UK IPO study that examines patent cases at the Patents Court (PHC) and Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC) from 2007-2013. 

Some highlights from study include:

96 patent cases were filed at IPEC from 2007-2013. Of these:

  • 47 involved European patents (the remainder involved GB patents)
  • 8 were brought by life sciences companies (confirming our experience that life sciences cases are often unsuited to the IPEC due to their complexity, costs, and overall value).
  • 21 were brought by mechanical engineering companies

Since 2010, SMEs' use of IPEC for patent disputes has been increasing.

  • 445 patent cases were filed at the Patent Courts during 2007-2013 (372 of which concerned European patents). (ie. As we know, the vast majority of patent litigation is at the Patents Court not IPEC).
  • An SME was a party in almost a quarter of the 445 cases filed at the Patents Court.
  • A large share of the Patents Court cases are life science cases; this bodes well for the London-based UPC Central Division which will hear life sciences cases.

This data is particularly useful as it is likely that the establishment of the UPC will impact on the amount and types of cases taken at the PHC and IPEC. As such, having an accurate picture of the current situation makes it easier for businesses, policy-makers and law firms to align themselves with the new patent environment.

For further information on the UPC, the implications of its implementation and how best to navigate its systems please click here.

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