The Environmental Council of the States (“ECOS”) released a list of all 50 states and the District of Columbia of what it describes as “Ready to Go” water and wastewater projects in 2017.

A number of Arkansas projects/communities are referenced.

ECOS’ Executive Director/General Counsel states that the list represents 14.4 billion in specific water needs in the United States.

The projects are described as ranging:

. . .from providing homes with running water and sewer service for the first time in several Alaska communities, to a new wellfield to enable a local farm to expand and provide needed jobs in Newton County, Indiana, to sewer improvements in several Wyoming towns.

The list is stated as potentially underestimating the dollar amount of projects since it only includes the top 20 or fewer projects per state.

ECOS references the White House budget proposal for the United States Environmental Protection Agency and notes that the amount for state revolving loan funds is unchanged. The ECOS President however expresses concern that:

. . .“We appreciate that the important state revolving loan funds are proposed for a one percent increase, and not a decrease,” but reiterated that the 44.5 percent proposed cut to the core state programmatic grants – including water permitting and nonpoint soucre programs – “is frankly unacceptable.”