From 13 April 2015 schools in Victoria will be required to display an acceptable "no smoking" sign at each pedestrian access point to their school premises.

The "no smoking" signs must be displayed in a prominent position at a pedestrian access point to the school premises so that it identifies the area at or within 4 metres of any part of the access point as a "no smoking" area.

A "pedestrian access point" is a door or gate by which a pedestrian can enter or exit the school's premises, but does not include a door or gate used for residential purposes or an emergency exit that is locked to entry.

An acceptable no smoking sign is a sign that contains -   

  • a no smoking symbol in the form of a circle and diagonal line printed in red over a depiction of a cigarette and smoke printed in black, or other symbol that clearly indicates that smoking is not permitted, with the symbol being at least 70mm in height; and  
  • the phrase "No Smoking" or "Smoking Prohibited", or other wording that clearly indicates that smoking is not permitted, in letters that are at least 20mm in height.

Examples include (with relevant modification):

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It will also be an offence to smoke at or within 4 metres of any part of a pedestrian access point to school premises, save where the person is:  

  • in a moving motor vehicle
  • in an area that is separated from the school premises by a road
  • on residential land
  • in an outdoor dining or drinking area
  • merely passing by the pedestrian access point (and is not remaining at or near that point). 

Also from 13 April 2015 it will be an offence for a person to smoke in an outdoor area that is within school premises.

Reference:  Tobacco Amendment Act 2014;  Victoria Government Gazette No. S66, 31 March 2015.