Medicare regulations require that most provider and supplier enrollment changes be reported to the appropriate Medicare contractor within ninety (90) days of the effective date of the change. (Some changes, such as a change of ownership, must be reported within thirty (30) days.)

The ninety (90) day framework includes changes in managing control information, including the addition and deletion of members of the board of directors. Recently, some hospitals have received notices stating that they have not notified National Government Services, the Ohio fiscal intermediary, of the death of a board member. It appears that National Government Services has obtained this information from the Social Security Administration. If a provider has not informed the fiscal intermediary of the change, then the fiscal intermediary sends a letter to the provider requesting formal notice of the removal of the board member. This letter includes a warning that the fiscal intermediary may revoke the provider's Medicare billing privileges if the provider fails to file the necessary paperwork within ninety (90) days of the receipt of the fiscal intermediary’s notice.

Please remember to promptly report board member and officer changes to your fiscal intermediary. If nothing else, it would be wise to send in a 855 form change of information every year when membership on the hospital’s board of directors changes. Also, please be attentive to any notices received from the fiscal intermediary in order to avoid the possibility of revocation of your billing privileges.