Comptroller of the Currency supports Volcker rule amendment. Comptroller of the Currency Thomas Curry supports the amendment of the Dodd-Frank Act to exempt small banks from the requirements of the Volcker rule. (12/2/2014) Curry speech. 

Financial stability analysis. The Treasury Department’s Office of Financial Research published its annual report analyzing threats to US financial stability. (12/1/2014) Annual report. 

Federal Reserve Board reviews examination procedures. The Federal Reserve Board’s Inspector General has been asked to examine two aspects of the Federal Reserve System’s examination program for large banking organizations: whether there are adequate methods for decision-makers to obtain the necessary information to make supervisory assessments and determinations; and whether channels exist for decision-makers to be aware of divergent views. The Federal Reserve Board will also review its supervision of the most systemically important US financial institutions. (11/20/2014) Federal Reserve Board press release.