In an appellate decision dated Dec. 5, 2014, MOEA indicated that Article 31-II of Taiwan Trademark Act provides that before rendering a trademark refusal decision, a written notification stating the grounds for refusal shall be given to the applicant, whom may submit his/her rebuttal arguments to the intended refusal within the prescribed period.  As to TIPO's decision to reject the application for registration of the mark "台雞店" in Class 43, TIPO's failure to comply with the requisite written notification procedure constitutes a procedural defect.  Although TIPO had notified the applicant by a written pre-rejection notification that the application to register the mark was rejected on the ground of its similarity to the prior-registered marks "台雞店Tai-Gi Fried Chicken and device" and "台G店 and device", TIPO failed to further notify the applicant by another pre-rejection written notification of the  different ground of rejection given the facts that the registration of the cited mark "台雞店Tai-Gi Fried Chicken and device" had been voided before TIPO rendering the rejection decision.  It is insufficient that TIPO only verbally notified the applicant of the change of ground for rejection via telephone.