The Governor of Nevada has introduced a plan to change the state business license fee structure. Currently, all entities pay a flat fee of $200 to the Nevada Secretary of State. The Governor proposes that entities will pay a business license fee calculated based upon gross receipts and at a rate depending on the category of business.

A business that operates in Nevada requires a business license. When forming or registering a company in Nevada, a state business license is obtained from the Nevada Secretary of State. However, this is not a business license to operate, but merely authorization to conduct business in Nevada. A local business license to operate must be obtained. There are some types of businesses that also have licenses issued by a state agency, such as the Nevada State Contractor’s Board. Even if a company is headquartered outside the state and does not have a physical office here, but conducts business by Internet or phone, has employees, or does something else that constitutes conducting business, business licenses will still be necessary.