A putative class of workers employed by Benihana Inc. in its New York City based Haru Restaurants has filed an unopposed motion for preliminary approval of an agreement that would resolve claims that the company did not pay employees all the pay to which they were entitled and did not provide certain employees with valid tip credits. Lin v. Benihana Nat’l Corp., No. 10-1335 (U.S. Dist. Ct., S.D.N.Y., motion filed January 14, 2014). Under the agreement, the company would create a $600,000 settlement fund that would reimburse certain class members the full amount of their spread-of hours premium and other members 80 percent of purported back pay due to an invalid tip credit. Under New York law, employees who work more than 10 hours during a work day are entitled to an extra hour of pay, referred to as spread-of-hours wages. Attorney’s fees and expenses would also be paid from the fund.