The State Duma has approved amendments to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation changing the list of documents required to confirm 0% VAT on exports (the "List").

The List no longer includes the requirement of presenting a bank statement to confirm the receipt of funds on a taxpayer's account at a Russian bank.

Starting on 1 October 2011, the following documents will have to be presented to the tax authorities in order to confirm 0% VAT on exports:

  • the foreign trade contract;
  • the customs declaration with an export stamp from the customs authorities; and
  • a copy of the transport and shipping documents with stamps from the customs authorities confirming the exportation of the goods. 

[Federal Law No. 245-FZ "On Amending the First and Second Part of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation and Separate Legal Acts of the Russian Federation on Taxation", dated 19 July 2011]