In the first few months of 2016, the Ministry of European Funds announced calls for projects promoting a low carbon economy in Romania, with projects addressing the development of the electricity and gas transport systems expected to start in the first trimester of 2017. In fact, in the coming 5 to 6 years, the energy sector in Romania will benefit from almost EUR 300 million related to the implementation of six projects promoting clean energy and energy efficiency in order to support a low carbon economy and sustainable transport systems for electricity and natural gas. 

The funds come from the 2014-2020 Large Infrastructure Operational Programme ("LIOP"), an investment package worth almost EUR 9.5 billion for key transport and environmental infrastructure projects, which was approved by the European Council in July 2015.

As a result, we expect an increase of activity in the energy sector along with possible modifications of the Romanian legislation in order to simplify the implementation process.