The alcohol beverage industry has come a long way in its efforts to target advertising to the over-21 crowd, according to a recent report by the Federal Trade Commission.

The FTC has long pushed for alcoholic beverage marketers to limit their ad placements in media for which at least 70 percent of the audience consists of adults who are over 21. According to a recent study of 12 major alcohol suppliers, 92 percent of radio, television and print ads disseminated by the suppliers met the 70 percent standard, the FTC reported.

"Because the placements that missed the target were concentrated in smaller media, more than 97 percent of total alcohol advertising ‘impressions' (individual exposures to advertising) met the 70 percent standard," the FTC further stated. The alcohol beverage industry also has adopted the 70 percent placement standard for Internet advertising at the FTC's request.

Those figures compare with the Commission's first report in 1999, in which the agency criticized voluntary industry guidelines, which at the time permitted alcohol ads to appear in media for which up to half the audience consisted of children and youth.

Now the FTC is pushing the alcohol beverage industry to adopt the 70 percent standard for event sponsorships.

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