The German Federal institute for Risk Assessment (Bfr), which advises the country’s Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture on potential health risks of cosmetic product ingredients, has requested that limits be set for the use of aluminum in cosmetics, particularly antiperspirants. recent studies purportedly demonstrating dermal absorption from aluminum in antiperspirants, lipstick and sunscreen have raised concerns about aluminum toxicity.

According to Bfr’s recent risk assessment, the estimated intake of aluminum from antiperspirants “could possibly lie within the range determined by the European Food Safety Authority as the tolerable weekly intake as aluminum is also ingested from other sources, such as food, this level could be exceeded by part of the population. to prevent too high an intake of aluminum, excessive use of antiperspirants containing aluminum should be avoided and deodorants that do not contain aluminum salts should be used after shaving or if the skin in the armpits is damaged.”