Because so many residents and businesses need to repair the damage that has been caused by this unprecedented storm, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (“DEC”) has issued General Permit GP-0-12-006 in order to facilitate the necessary repairs in coastal areas of DEC Regions 1, 2 and 3, which cover Long Island, New York City and the lower Hudson Valley. A general permit is a permit that is issued to authorize similar minor activities and does not require the more lengthy procedure of obtaining an individual permit. For certain enumerated activities, work may begin immediately upon submission of a Notice of Intent that you propose to do work covered by the General Permit.

Activities covered by General Permit GP-0-12-006 are:

  1. Stabilization of existing functional storm-damaged dwellings, decks and walkways with temporary bracing and pilings;
  2. Construction of a single 4 foot wide access walkway to access damaged dwellings;
  3. Installation of up to four rows of sandbags or 1 cubic yard sand cubes at the toe of the storm damaged structures or eroded escarpments;
  4. Placement of sand and/or material equivalent to existing material at the toe of eroded escarpments;
  5. Repair or reconstruction of stairways that were functional before Hurricane Sandy;
  6. Re-grade eroded dunes;
  7. In-kind/in-place repair or reconstruction of bulkheads and shoreline erosion structures that were functional before Hurricane Sandy;
  8. Repair or reconstruction of existing public roads, bridges, utilities and other public infrastructure.

The full text of the General Permit, the Notice of Intent and instructions for submitting the Notice can be found

The General Permit contains certain conditions that must be followed. If the proposed work is within the scope of the General Permit, you may submit a Notice of Intent describing the project and begin work upon submission. DEC strongly encourages electronic submission of the Notice of Intent.