Hubbell Incorporated, an international manufacturer of electrical and electronic products, recently filed two UDRP arbitration complaints with the National Arbitration Forum to prevent the unauthorized use of its mark DUAL-LITE to sell emergency lighting replacement batteries. Two companies, CK Battery, Inc. and The Battery Center, were using DUAL LITE within domain names to promote competing products. Kyoko Imai a senior associate at Oblon Spivak explained that “Customers seeking replacement batteries for DUAL-LITE® products should be able to do so with our client’s established brand. Customers were being misled into thinking that these websites were authorized by Hubbell.” Roberta Bren, a partner at Oblon Spivak, added “We are hoping that others will get the message that they should not use our client’s marks within domain names without permission.” These decisions confirm that using a Hubbell trademark to sell competing products is considered misleading and demonstrates bad faith, even though “some” Hubbell products also had been offered on the websites.