Although in mid-June the Department of State issued a Visa Bulletin stating that on July 1, 2007, immigrant visa numbers would be available for almost all employment-based categories, it has now issued a revised Visa Bulletin stating that no immigrant visa numbers are available, and that they will not be available again until October 1.

What this means is, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will not accept adjustment of status applications for any employment-based category until October 1, 2007. By mid-September, we will learn in which employment-based categories visa numbers will again become available. Apparently, in what the State Department called an “unexpected action,” the USCIS engaged in a major backlog reduction effort during the month of June, approving adjustment of status applications that had been pending for many months. As a result of those efforts, almost 60,000 employment-based visa numbers were used, forcing the Department of State to revise the previously announced cut-off dates. All USCIS offices were notified that effective Monday July 2, 2007, no immigrant visa numbers would be issued for employment-based cases.

We are awaiting guidance to see whether the adjustment of status cases that reached USCIS Service Centers on July 2 will be accepted