Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company was awarded in excess of $1.4 million in pre-judgment interest, on a $32 million breach of contract award against its reinsurer, Employers Reinsurance Corporation. A Missouri federal court applying Connecticut law analyzed the issue under equitable principles, and found that the Connecticut statute authorizing pre-judgment interest sets a maximum of ten percent interest, but that the Court may, in its discretion, award a lesser amount. The Court found that the appropriate interest rate to be applied in the case was the one-year constant maturity Treasury rate adopted into the federal statute governing pre-judgment interest (and attested to in an affidavit indicating the current Treasury rate). The Court dated the accrual of interest back to April, 2006, when Employers Re stopped making reimbursement payments to Mass Mutual, which payments the Court previously held were required under the parties’ reinsurance treaty. Employers Reinsurance Corp. v. Massachusetts Mutual Life Ins. Co., No. 06-0188 (USDC W.D. Mo. August 19, 2010)