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Health insurance

Provision of insurance

What is the health insurance provision framework in your jurisdiction? For example, is it provided by the government, through private insurers or through self-funded arrangements provided by employers?

In Italy, the minimum coverage levels for healthcare (eg, specialist care and hospital admissions) are guaranteed by the state.

The Italian healthcare system is accessible through the National Health Service: all Italian citizens and all foreigners resident in Italy (possessing residency permits) must be registered with the National Health Service.

Coverage levels

Do any special laws mandate minimum coverage levels that must be provided by employers?

Under Article 38 of the Constitution, all employers must enroll their employees in the National Insurance System in case of work accidents.

This form of compulsory insurance is managed by the National Social Security Institute and the National Institute for Occupational Health Insurance and Occupational Diseases.

This compulsory insurance is largely funded through employer contributions, with employees contributing a smaller portion.

Some collective agreements provide that the employer should offer supplementary healthcare coverage to their employees through their enrolment in special assistance funds (funded largely by employer contributions).

Can employers provide different levels of health benefit coverage to different employees within the organisation?

Yes, there is no principle of equal treatment in the Italian legal system.

Some collective agreements provide for different levels of supplementary healthcare coverage on the basis of employees’ classification (higher levels of coverage for executives and lower levels for other employees).

Post-termination coverage

Are employers obliged to continue providing health insurance coverage after an employee’s termination of employment?

No, unless so provided in the collective agreement provide. Some collective agreements rule that, in the event of termination of the employment relationship before 31 December, the insurance coverage should be guaranteed until the end of the calendar year.

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