A New York potato chip maker is among the latest  manufacturing firms to feel the bite of OSHA’s Site-Specific Targeting (SST) Program.

Terrell's Potato Chip Co. in DeWitt faces $115,500 in  fines for 23 alleged violations of workplace safety  standards, OSHA said in a recent news release.   Citations were written following an inspection last June  for lack of guards on machinery, unsecured stacks of  materials, damaged electrical parts, lack of training and  other alleged deficiencies.  The company was targeted  under the SST program due to the number of injuries  and illnesses it had reported.  

OSHA’s SST program is the agency’s main programmed  inspection plan for non-construction workplaces that have  at least 20 employees.  The SST initiative, now in its 15 th year, is based on data received from the prior year’s OSHA  Data Initiative survey.  It is designed to reduce injuries and  illnesses by directing enforcement resources to where the  highest injury and illness rates have occurred. 

Many more workplaces meet SST program targeting  criteria than the agency inspects in a given year.  For  instance, from August 2010 through September 2011,  13,827 worksites met the criteria, but only 2,146 were  inspected.  OSHA is currently conducting a study on the  impact of the program on employee safety