Recently, relevant department of State Council has already fully revised the existing Copyright Law, and also submitted the Draft Amendment of Copyright Law (Examination Version) to State Council for deliberation.

It is introduced that revision of Copyright Law has already been classified as the first type of project within the legislation plan carried out by the Standing Committee of the 12th National People’s Congress. The Office of Legislative Affairs of the State Council has already carried out wide range of public consultation for two times, and currently, it is paying close attention to study on some issues with serious difference in opinions.

During the Second Session of the 12th National People’s Congress held in March of 2014, there were 31 delegates raising proposals about revising the Copyright Law. As the proposals said that, the existing Copyright Law had not comprehensively included all conduct patterns or types of copyright infringement, and the rules for collective stewardship of copyright should be further improved. Delegates also suggested that the conduct scope of copyright infringement should be defined scientifically, the application scope of civil liability of copyright infringement should be expanded, and the copyright security mechanism applicable to digital environment should be established. ((Source: State Intellectual Property Office website)