The Ontario provincial election officially commenced yesterday with election day on Thursday, October 6th.

 Everyone get out and vote!!

For the condominium industry, this is an important election as there has never been so many voters that own or live in condos. As many may know, over the past few years, CCI (Toronto) and ACMO have been extremely busy getting condo issues in front of the politicians of all the parties and emphasizing with over 7,700 residential condominium corporations in Ontario, resulting in over 500,000 voters, we are a sizable voting power that can't be ignored. The politicians have heard us and are listening.

So now we must take our issues and comments directly to the local candidates during the election campaign. To this end, the various Ontario chapters of CCI have organized special town halls meetings/debates in areas where there is a heavy concentration of condominiums for the local candidates of the three major parties. These meetings will focus on condo issues, such as the fairness in municipal taxation, opening up the Condominium Act, 1998  for amendments, licensing of property managers, and many more and they are to be very interactive with the audience. So the more questions posed the better.