A Philadelphia local of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union has improved on the inflatable rat that is frequently deployed at union events and on the doorsteps of union-unfriendly employers. An official of the IBEW local spent $14,000 of his own money to convert a mini-van into the Rat-Mobile, which has made an amusing attraction in Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey as it completes some test drives. Complete with rat face and claw feet, the Rat-Mobile has large speakers in its ears and a booming sound system to get the union message out and to warn pedestrians, "Watch out for the Rat-Mobile, please." The union claims it will take the Rat-Mobile to company executives' beach houses this summer. According to a union official, "When the rat car shows up, you will know you have a problem." When told about the Rat-Mobile, one executive who has had disputes with the union was quoted as saying, "We are used to being threatened with physical violence by guys standing in front of our homes. . . . A new minivan doesn't sound like it will be much of a big deal."