On 13 May 2015, the CBI published the text of a speech by Cyril Roux, Deputy Governor of the CBI, given at the PWC Annual CEO Insurance Dinner. In his speech, directed at the reinsurance and cross-border life sectors, Mr. Roux acknowledged the overall satisfaction of the CBI with engagement by (re)insurers. He highlighted that focus on current market risks and changes and compliance with anti-money laundering legislation are important areas for (re)insurers' attention. On 14 May 2015, the CBI published the text of a speech given by the Director of Insurance Supervision, Sylvia Cronin, at the recent European Insurance Forum. In addressing 'the Changing Landscape of Global Regulation', Ms. Cronin spoke about new regulatory initiatives, including Solvency II, the development of Global Capital Standards and conduct regulation.  Notably, Ms. Cronin emphasised that the CBI has identified that firms have a lot of work yet to undertake in relation to the 'Own Risk and Solvency Assessment' (ORSA) which she identified as a critical component to the success of Solvency II.