<p>The New Jersey Senate unanimously passed Senate Bill 2471, requiring the Department of Health and Senior Services to publicly report 14 patient safety indicators by hospital on an annual basis (e.g., postoperative hemorrhage or hematoma, postoperative sepsis, transfusion reaction and birth trauma). The bill also would prohibit hospitals and physicians from billing a patient or third party for certain hospital-acquired conditions subject to the hospital-acquired condition payment provisions of the Medicare program, including: surgery performed on the wrong body part, side or person, a foreign body accidentally left in a patient during a procedure, air embolism, and catheter-associated urinary tract infections.</p> <p>The bill clarifies that its payment prohibitions will not modify the requirement for expert testimony for any civil malpractice action against a general hospital or physician. The bill also requires the Commissioners of Health and Senior Services, and Banking and Insurance, and the Director of the Division of Consumer Affairs to collaborate in developing standards for health care providers and third-party payors to implement the billing prohibitions.</p> <p>The bill is headed to the Assembly for consideration. &nbsp;</p>